Hanging planters can suit many taste and needs

A Variety of hanging Planters to Suit your Taste and Needs


Hanging Planters have become very popular for the ease and beauty they add to any space. A hanging planter does not require any extra space and can easily add a touch of color and elegance to any indoor or outdoor space. There are many different kinds of hanging planters and understanding how to choose the best one can help you further the maintenance and health of your plants. Be it a large or small hanging planter, knowing the kind of plant that best suits your needs will go a long way in keeping your plants healthy and flourishing.

Coir Lining Hanging Planters

Hanging planters that come with a coir lining are eco-friendly and lightweight. These can support all kinds of plants and are easy to assemble and hang. All you need are the right kind of brackets, depending on where you plan to hang it and a hook to put up your hanging planter.

Low Bowl Platter design

A low bowl plate design hanging planter is one of the most popular types as it allows you to plant a variety of plants and succulents together. Planting succulents in a flat bowl hanging planter have made its way into modern designing and landscaping. The low bowl platter design comes in different kinds of materials, fiberglass hanging planters being the most recommended for the smooth finish they offer.


Artificial Hanging Planters

Any plant, hanging or not, requires daily care and maintenance. While some plants do not call for regular watering, but you cannot ignore the needs of the plant. If you do not have the time or resources to carry out daily watering and maintenance, go for artificial plants. These look as good as fresh plants and add an everlasting pop of color and freshness to any space.


If watering and maintenance is your problem, then consider purchasing planters with self-watering reservoirs or fiberglass lining that reduces the watering and maintenance needs. These keep your plants hydrated and healthy.


A hanging planter can be put up in any corner or room to add a touch of green and beauty. Today when most people have limited space, hanging planters’, especially with succulents, have become a part of modern home décor and design. You can also mix hanging planters with other kinds of floor planters to add depth to your green area.


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