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If you are people like ourselves; people that like to cook, eat, and more importantly know where your food comes from then we believe we have an answer for you in RopedOnCedar’s raised bed gardening system.


This is our first run of something special in what we call our old sawmill cut. This is still a rough finish (not smooth) but has been cut with a different saw blade that leaves a circular cut to the surface vs. your typical bandsaw cut. This is unique from a surfacing standpoint and not something you’re going to find in your local lumber yard. The surface resembles the same look as many of the 1800 and 1900 barns you see still standing, but with a new rustic looking cedar wood from the Pacific Northwest. This is thick solid cedar not fence grade cedar the lumber yards carry!! We bring it straight from a local small business owners mill to you.

The picture shows a 16″ living wall. This living wall version is more upright to ensure using less growing area to maximize your growing area.

If you are people like ourselves; people that like to cook, eat, and more importantly know where your food comes from then we believe we have an answer for you in RopedOnCedar’s raised bed gardening system. Let us help you maximize your growing area right out your back door or sunroom with our 24″ raised bed living wall. We’ll bring your garden to you!

All RopedOnCedar large planters bins are 6 inches deep and approx 5 inches at the base and 7 inches at the top from front to back.

Sizes: All of the below extend 19 inches out from the wall to the front of the base. It stands 38 inches tall for a 4 planter system and 28 inches tall for a 3 planter system. We include legs and make them so they tuck underneath if you choose not to use them.

Try out our living wall gardening system or any of our raised bed vegetable gardening systems and they will take care of all your small area and limited space issues by going vertical.

Use the “Select an Option” drop down to see the different sizes and prices for our 3 or 4 planter versions.

Let RopedOnCedar help you to realize your dream of having a garden that works within your limited boundaries of a 3ft by 8ft back patio or condo view balcony. How would you like to take advantage of knowing that you can just walk out our back door and cut fresh herbs, produce, and flowers? Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to jump into your car and drive 10 or 20 minutes round trip? The possibilities are endless and we have only scratched the surface with the below suggestions;

basil, chives, dill, catnip, mint, parsley, calendula, perilla, chamomile, oregano, nasturtium, rosemary, coneflower, sage, Kalanchoe, tarragon, gardenia, thyme, oxalis, tomatoes, Anthurium, peppers, lavender, spinach, orchids, kale, watercress, squash, cucumber, swiss chard, arugula, peas, lettuce, and strawberries.

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Always best to seal the cedar to ensure a longer “fresh” look to it. You can plant away just know that cedar like any-other wood will gray with time. A sealer will slow down if not stop that process altogether if done correctly and reapplied on a bi-annual basis.

Boiled Linseed oil is a great natural way of protecting your planters and can be found at most lumber yards around 9 to 10 dollars a pint.

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